a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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This is a page about using your bike to investigate the wonderful landscape around Kattegatt in Scandinavia. I tried 2009 travelling with a bike through Halland and Skane in West Sweden and then went with the Ferry over to Helsingor. After some biking in Sealand I crossed this island for continuing to Nort Juthland and participated in the North Jutland race. Helsingor is known for its old fortress Kronborg(Crown fortress) where the Hamlet drama, by Shakespeare, unfolds.

In this journey I give you some pictures on the way and also tips or suggestions on where to get food, rest for the night, what Ikind of equipment you need for this trip and where you are able to find free maps over Denmark. On the way from Gothenburg I am passing Kungsbacka, Varberg, Falkenberg, Halmstad and Hallandsaasen(halland ridge) before I reach Helsingborg.

I also did a trip from Copenhagen 2014 on another route over the Hallandsaasen(halland ridge). I show you some pictures here from the road along the sea through Skane and Halland.

Along the way you've got plenty of nice beaches, parks and views you'll have to discover once in your lifetime. Like bakken, Mellbystrand(Mellvillage beach), Aalborg, the Limfjord and similar. The advantages with taking the bike is that you often see places and meet people you don't see or meet by car.


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gothenburg Grand prix bicycle
We had a wonderful evening for Gothenburg Grand prix friday the 6:th of may 2016. I'll show you some pictures>>>

UCI are again suspending discbrakes on races. This after Fran Ventosos accident on Paris-Roubaix where he nearly lost his leg. His leg got cut into the bone.

disc brakes
Looks like the teams in pro circus will use disc brakes in next season. Both shimano, sram and campagnolo are now offering this improvement for braking. See more on cyclingtips.com, jensonusa.com and velonews.com.

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