a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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At the top of Denmark you´ll see two oceans meet eachother. Kattegatt and Skagerack. Straight forward in the background of this picture you see a small strip of sand where the waves from Kattegatt and Skagerack meets. The strip is growing with 10 meters a year north east and will reach Sweden in 9000 years. To the left you got a nice café and an art museum. On the café they offer good coffe and a marvellous round piece with danish cheese that taste wonderful. I suggest you take the bike on your shoulder because the sand gets into the chain and gears. In this building you also got a famous art museum called Skagen art museum. This place is famous for all the painters living here during the 19:th century like Marie and P.S Kroer, Anna and Michael Ancher, Holger Drachmann and many others. Today the art museum shows next generation of painters among the older. You could read more about it here.

skagerak and kattegatt

The webcam in Skagen does not look like it is working right now. You'll find many webcams on other places in Denmark on webcams in Denmark>>>.

Read more about Skagens art museum on http://www.skagensmuseum.dk/en/collection/

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