a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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Copenhagen is a town with possibilities for you going on bicycle. Copenhagen and most of Denmark is trying hard to get all their inhabitants using their bikes to work and therefore you got many different lanes and roads for bikes in this country.

You pass Copenhagen after 40 kilometers from Helsingor and about 8 kilometers from Klampenborg with Dyrehavsbakken and the eremitage castle. old tuborg beer factory This is one of the buidlings from the old Tuborg beer factory. This is the place where Philip W. Heyman started the factory in 1873. From the beginning the factory brewed beer, made bottles to the beer, a manure factory and also a part who made sulfur. In 1970 the factory where incorporated with Carlsberg brewery. At the moment you only got this building left and is nowadays used as office for other businesses.

Near old Tuborg you've got the Experimentarium who is a place for you are curious about everything from the brain to inventions. You could also try an experiment on your own. Read more about it here>>>

After just a couple of kilometers you reach the real Copenhagen. I suggest you find Raadhuspladsen(City hall square) near Tivoli in Copenhagen. To the left on this picture you got an exciting walk street called Stroeget.

This is the entrance of a nearly 2 kilometers long walking street that passes hundred of old buildings, shops, restaurants, pubs, museums, historical places and a lot of entertainments on the street.

living statue
Jesters like this living statue is quite common.

guiness world of records
Guiness world of records got a museum on this street. Try a dragster who brings you from 0 to 400 km/h in four seconds.

After a couple of kilometers you'll reach Nyhavn where you also have a lot of things to discover. I suggest visiting amber museum, restaurant Fyrtojet or check out all the restaurants near the channel. In restaurant Fyrtojet you see exhibitions about the famous writer HC Andersen and also art from famous danish painters. Another, not so usual option, is to go by the harbour bus. You'll find it on the end of Nyhavn. Instead of using all the tourist traps of boats just buy a bus ticket and go by boat for a penny around all the harbour. These tickets you buy on smaller shops like 7/11 or on the central station in Copenhagen.

lot of restaurants, pubs and food
All over the sidewalk you got lot of restaurants, pubs, cafées and small shops.

red district copenhagen
During the 19:th century the north side of Nyhavn became occupied with brothels and criminal activities. Copenhagen took a decision round 1980 to get rid of these pornoshops and whorehouses. However, you are still able to see some of the old red district windows just as a historical reminder about Nyhavn hundred years ago.

affordable good tasting sanwiches
On all streets, especially the small ones, you got these cosy sandwich cafées where you are able to get a good coffe or beer with a delicious sandwich. This picture is taken from a small cafée called Klareboderne and you found it near Runde taarn on Kobmagergade. It looks like they've closed now but you'll find hundreds of these small cafes in copenhagen. A street who ends on Stroget.

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