a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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I packed my bag with a couple of bike pants, some bike jerseys, a wind/water protection jacket, some underwear and some cutlery of plastic to use for food.
    good jacket for windy and wet season I used this Craft Layer 3 mens jacket on the trip. The plus where that it where quite warm and hold the water on the outside. The minus that it catched the wind and felt like a spinnaker when I moved through a windy field on the bike. I beleive the best match today is Craft Men's Active Bike Siberian Jacket
    mc kinley 28
    I also used a Mc Kinley 28 backpack to carry clothes and other stuff on the trip. In this kind of backpack you often got a pocket for liquid that you then are able to drink from through a hose. Plus with this backpack where all the pockets. Maybe a little bit too small. I think I could need 32 liters to the next one. I think this Bear Grylls 28L Backpack (Hydration Pack Compatible) could be a good choice.
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