a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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proffessionel gpsGarmin Edge 1000 BundleThis is the latest of Garmins bikecomputers. A large 3" screen with 240x400 pixels resolution. This one also got the new capacative touchscreen that works like the new smartphones. Like the older 510 and 810 this one also adapt to the light so you are able to see the screen even if it is raining or the sun shines on the screen. You've got a nice smartphone in the device with wich you are able to connect to friends and give them the position, speed, climbing, pulse and everything through the net. You see a nice youtube video on:

affordable easy to use bike computer


keep your smartphone on bicycleBicycleStore® Bicycle Smart Phone Bag Outdoor Cycling Mountain Road MTB Bike Frame Front Tube Bag for CellpPhone PVC 4.2" 4.8" 5.5" Black YellowI see a lot of bicyclists in Denmark that uses their smartphone as gps. With google maps you get the way just in front of you. The clear pvc windows let you access all functions like taking calls, navigate, listen to radio, skype and taking pictures. Fits nearly every bike.

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