a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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Halland ridge is an old formation from the last ice age. This is propably the highest hill you find in south of Sweden. I suggest you use a low gear because it is quite long.

old petrolstation
Last time I crossed this ridge I came from Denmark and used an old road that postriders freighted mail from Helsingborg to Varberg during the 16:th to 19:th centuries. At the bottom of the hill you've got some amusing shops and museums. This is an old renovated petrol station with car. In the sixties this where the european highway 6. To the right on this picture you got a toyshop called Lekima träleksaker(Lekima wooden toys) and on the other side of the road(just behind my back here) Margretetorps hostelry. I am now on diligens vägen(stagecoach road) and then need to turn left a couple of hundred meters after this petrolstation. You will then continue on postryttarens väg(postriders road) which is an old road where a murder and robbery took place in the middle of 18:th century. You got a stone in the beginning of the hill to remind you about this murder.

postryttarens road
On the way up to the top you pass many wonderful views, small cottages and old houses. The slope is steep so you'll have to use the low gear.

top of the hill
On the top of the hill you pass a couple of small farms. Up here you are able to see all the way to Denmark and Halmstad.

a good slope downwards after the hill
After the hill you got a good slope downwards. When you then get to bottom of the northside of Halland Ridge you turn left and then to the right after a couple of kilometers. You'll see the route from Margretetorp on google maps>>>

On this picture you see a small Blue sign at the middle of the picture from the old Ginstleden(Broom track). This Ginstleden where a project in the sixties where Halland and Gothenburg county tried making a bike-route through the landscapes here. Lot of the roads is using old Europe highway E6 and other are using already existing road tracks in the villages and land.

When you see this sign here you are soon entering Skummeslövstrand(Rip leaf beach) and after that Mellbystrand. I show you some pictures here>>>

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