a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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The Kattegatt and Broomtrack follows the seaside here and you get lot of good beaches, villages and forest along the track. After the Halland ridge and turn to right you follow the ocean most of the way. You are soon in Skummeslövstrand.

watertap in skummeslovstrandJust across the road from a small grocery store(ICA) you'll see this waterpost that could be handy if you are biking in the middle of the summer.

ICA Nära Svens Livs, Stora Strandvägen, Skummeslövsstrand
This is how the small store looks like. If you are passing here before 18:00 any bankday you are able to buy a soda or food. After this store you only got 5 kilometers to Mellbystrand. Just follow Kustvägen(coastroad)

Close by you've got a wonderful and cosy guesthouse called strandpensionatet
where you are able to get a really good dinner and sleep. You'll find more places to get a bed on lodging.

good morning sunshine
You are soon in Mellbystrand. When I passed Mellbystrand, summer 2014, I arrived late so the camping here where closed. I had a sleeping bag in my backpack so I slept on the beach after taking a bath in the bay and wake up to this wonderful sunshine. It looks like you've got kilometers of beach down here and the bay is quite shallow and that makes the water warm in summer. Perfect place to get a morning dip.

a good slope downwards after the hill
When you then continue towards Halmstad to the north I suggest you use another road then the signed Ginstled(Broomtrack) here. As you see this track is gravel and I suggest go for Kronovägen(crownroad) instead. This road is 50 meters to the right from this view. You are soon in Halmstad(Strawtown).

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