a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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Hlmstad got some signs but not enough
You´ll find a couple of signs for Ginstelden in Halmstad but they are not enough. The easiest way is to follow Laholmsvägen, järnvägsleden, söndrumsvägen, Karlsrovägen and then kustvägen to Ugglarp through Halmstad

svedinos biloflygmuseum
When you get to Ugglarp you should try visiting Svedino’s Automobile and Aviation Museum

an old volvo
You'll see old cars like this 1938 Volvo TR 802, aeroplanes, machines and machines from 18:th to 20:th century. They also got a nice café here. A couple of kilometers after Svedinos you are able to get fresh icecream from the SIA icecream factory where you get icecream from 10-18 every normal weekday.

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