a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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Helsingborg is an old danish town that has been used since viking age 800 ac. Propably much earlier too. The strategic location makes it a perfect place for keeping control of the small strait between Helsingborg and Helsingor. From the beginning the vikings built a small fortress by a creek called raan(Raw creek) five kilometers south from todays Helsingborg. In 1085 the danish king, Knut den helige(Knut the saint), sent a deed of gift to Lunds Cathedral with urban rights for Helsingborg and this is therefore the official start for the town Helsingborg. In the 12:th century there where built a fortress made from sandstone and int the 13:th they built a fortress of bricks instead. This last building is the only survival of this old fort. You still see it as Kaernan(core) in the middle of the city. Many fights where going on here and some of our famous Kings has been prisoned on this fortress. One is Birger Magnusson or Birger Jarl who where prisoned here with his two brothers. I wrote the story about King Birger Jarl on world-info.se The 26:th of Februar in 1658 swedish King Charles the 10:th got Skåne with Helsingborg and Helsingborg has been Swedish since then.

nice ferry over the sea

In Helsingborg you´ve got ferries for the train, cars, motorcykles, train, bikes and people. If you are on a bike or just walking I strongly recommend using the Strait bus. This ferry takes you over to Helsingor in 20 minutes. The price is about 4€ one way. In the background of this picture you see the old Kronborg castle. This is the fort you see or hear about in Shakespears Hamlet.

sofiero castle
Nearby you got this old Garden, Sofiero, where many of our latest Kings been living and trying getting the rosegarden in order. They have been struggeling with the roses because the earth is not perfect for this kind of plants. However you got many exciting gardens to investigate. You'll find Sofiero on Sofierovägen 131 5 kilometers north. Read more about this garden on sofiero.se

gamla viken
If you then continue north you'll pass a couple of old nice villages like this gamla viken(Old Bay). This is the first or last part of Kattegattleden. Kattegattleden (kattegatt track) is a track made for biking from Gothenburg to Helsingborg. Read more about it on kattegattleden.se

This small village contains old half timbered house, an old mill and a nice hostlery called albertsgarden(alberts farm).

You'll get a nice B&B here for 35€ a night.

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