a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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kronenborg in the background Helsingor is an old town in Denmark and where used as a kind of customs port for every ship that sailed through Oeresund. You also hear about the fortress or castle Kronborg(to the right in tne picture) in Shakespears Hamlet. The reason for that is that the danes where popular actors during the 16:th and 17:th century so they propably mouthed to the authors here about this big castle that was built by Eric af Pommern after he had fixed a new law that said all ships who passed here had to pay a fee. This law where written in the end of 15:th century and it made the town grow because all the sailors on the ships needed to fill on their proviant and also took a beer or two in the harbour. On the picture you see a view from the floating buses that takes you from Helsingborg to Helsingoer and the other way. The trip just takes 20 minutes but a lot of the inhabitants here enjoy the trip and spend a couple of hours on the deck for some beers or coffe.

This small boat you'll find to the left from the bigger ferry that also carries cars, train and lorries. In the waitiing hall here you are able to buy tobacco, sweets, some wine, beer and liqour. You are able to bring your bike for free.

prices for the trip
The prices for this trip is 38 skr(3,91 €) one way and you get the bike onboard for free.

old alleys and streets in helsingoer
Many houses in the city is built in the late 15:th century and you'll see a lot of shops and streets to discover.

strandvejen, beachroad to copenhagen
If you come from Sweden you get Copenhagen just 40 kilometers down the road Strandvejen that follows the sea all the way. The road starts south from the ferry therminal and you just follow the signs for bike to Copenhagen or Strandvejen. You then pass a lot of beautiful views, small castles, villages, beaches and surroundings. Like Dyrehavsbakken which is a tivoli in the forest where you are able to bring your food or buy it on the area for a good price.


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