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kattegatt leden
This summer the Kattegattleden where consecrated. This is a project where all counties from Gothenburg to Helsingborg are trying making tourists using their bikes for holiday. The lane is a bit longer then the old Ginstleden because you are following the beach all the way. On this picture you see the red sign who marks this lane all the way. Kungsbacka is about 30 kilmeters south from Gothenburg on ordinary bikelanes but if you use this lane you propably got 60 kilometers of bicycle path.

quite good paths for bike
Most of the bicycle paths are actually quite good. Like this between Gottskar and Vallda.

some bad crossings
Unfortunately there is still some bad crossings over the ordinary road. Here I suggest you take care before crossing the road because the drivers in the cars got bad sights for you who come with bike on the bicycle path.

hamra golf course
I also see they are changing the path due to land owners who does not want to get tarmac roads on their property. This where a part of Kattegatt leden just a couple of weeks ago. A fantastic bicycle path over Hamra Golf course.

fine forest along the path
Through a wonderful forest.

here comes the problem
And down to the sealine again but here comes a problem.

suddenly the tarmac disappears
Suddenly the tarmac disappears and you got some kind of cattle track for a couple of kilometers. I heard the reason for this was the land owner who refúsed getting tarmac on his land. I see now that the path has changed but I suggest you jump of the bike and just enjoy the views and landscape down here.

the priests health source
Like many other places you got health sources in Sweden too. This is an old cold baths house founded in the 19:th century called The priests health source where a priest who also worked as a doctor surged patients from all over the north of Halland with baths and salt water. The source is propably from the middle ages and then used more frequently by locals h+ere.

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Other parts of Kattegatt leden

Fjaras Bracka

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