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nice little village
Kungsbacka is and old settlement that got residents since the last ice age. Kungsbacka is situated near the sea and go a small river floating called Kungsbackaan(kungsbacka creek) who where bigger or wider a couple of hundred years ago and therefore could offer a harbour. The first written documentation about the area is from about 500 a.c where an author from the east of Sweden writes about some people called Fervirs lived in this area. In the 12:th century it became a town in the Danish kingdom. The reason for that was that it where quite easier to travel seaway then on the bad roads in this time. A lot of conflicts took place here and a couple of kilometers north of the city because the Swedish kings wanted to rule all the coast line here. In the 17:th century Sweden got Halland after some wars with Denmark and since then this town has been swedish. You still got some buildings from the 17:th century but the town burned in the 19:th century and therefore most of the old town got lost. Kungsbacka, you translate the name Kungsbacka to Kings hill in englih, is a nice little village with about 12000 inhabitants today. I say a quite little cosy town with lot of small cafées and shops.

Around Kungsbacka you got the nature with forests and beaches near bye. You also got a lot of places for a bath, fishing, bicycling or checking ancient times like Fjaras Bracka,

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