a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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beautiful sunshine
On the top of Denmark you see two oceans crossing eachother. The Skagerack and Kattegatt. Here is a lot of sand and some very peculiar sand dunes called klits in Denmark. I suggest you try the very special bike track from Frederikshavn to Skagen.

very strange moorland
On this track you'll pass long moorlands filled with unusual plants and a lot of heather. The water from the oceans reach nearly up to the bike track. The light up here is famous from all the 19:th century painters called Skagen painters like Marie and P.S Kroyer. You still see a lot of this special kind of art on Grenen kunstmuseum. I recommend a good coffe and a round piece of bread with cheese on their cafe.

nice cottage to rent in Skagen
Rimmersvej Annex
is a nice cottage just 1 kilometer from Grenen and 500 meters from city with broadband, television, pentry and close to trains, buses and museums.

house close to the beach
Holiday House GI Skagen 430
is even closer to the beach. You got just a short walk down to the sea. You got restaurant and many facilities aorund the lodging and also just a short walk to grenen. 103 other possibilities for lodging here>>>

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