a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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good bikelanes between aarhus and randers
From Aarhus you've got around 40 kilometers to Randers. All along the way you just follow this good bike lane.

foto fra randers kommuneFoto: Randers Kommune
Randers is, like many other villages in Denmark, from the wiking age around 1000 bc. Knut den helige(Knut the saint) made coins here in the 11:th century and there has also been a couple of battles here between the King of Denmark and other constillations from farmers and nobles. You still got a lot of old streets, museums and parks to see and enjoy.

bicycle workshop
In most danish towns you got bicycle workshops where you are able to get tools, air, tires and everything else you need to continue the jorney. This is Vesterports cykellager you find on Vestergade 66 just over the street from Randers trainstation. This shop opens already by 08:00 in the morning.

randers rainforest
Close by there is Randers Rainforest. This is an indoors jungle where you are able to check plants, animals and climate for the jungle. uite affordable enoyment. You pay about 20€ for adults and children 10. Read more about this place on randersregnskov.dk

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