a small guide for biking in Denmark and south Sweden
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From Frederikshavn you've got a wonderful biketrail up to Skagen. On some of the areas you will need to slow down a bit and take good care of your tires and chain. The distance is just around 40 kilometers from the ferry to Gothenburg up to Skagen village. I show you a map where you are able to see some pictures of the route when you click on different areas on the map. Like Grenen on the top, The Hulsig heath, Skagen village and cafées on the way. If you are visiting Gothenburg you just got a couple of hours over Kattegatt to Frederikshavn where this track starts, Read more about Frederikshavn here>>>

see skagerrack and kattegatt meets with waves Hittade faktiskt en cykelaff?r an area that looks very different, enjoy the view of a landscape with unusual flosers and animals En vanlig ostmacka i danmark kan vara en hel m?ltid En bild fr?n hemresan mitt i natten

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